Vikash Poddar is considered the best faculty for experience in Economics, Finance, and Taxation. He is a CA Finalist. He is the faculty for CA Foundation, CMA Foundation, and State & CBSE Board Economics. His main motive while taking the class is to ensure that the basic concepts of his students are clear. Always try to explain with practical day-to-day examples for easy understanding. His classes are a perfect blend of Concepts and Practical knowledge. His classes are not only exam-oriented but job-oriented as well, as he helps the students to explore various career opportunities during the batch. He is the best Finance faculty. His teaching is based on the concept of Learn More and Earn More. The coaching imparted is very exhaustive and wholly concept-based. The coaching provided by sir is very systematic, well-planned, and absolutely time-bound. His mission is to change the concept of “mug up” and develop youth with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. Vikash sir is famous among students for his charts, mind-mapping techniques & retaining the entire syllabus in the class itself. His conceptual way of teaching Economics, Finance, and Taxation and motivational lectures are very famous among the students. Raising queries, solving problems and thoughtful decisions are integral parts of his learning process. His success-oriented teaching ideas have proved that every average but hard-working student is capable of succeeding in his/her goals. Students can get his classes from all over India. He believes that we need to Dream beyond what is possible; everything that we are able to see today was once a Dream before it became reality.